What to Expect 

What to Expect

At 6pm Patchwork Pantry opens its doors and you will be directed into the church sanctuary. A friendly volunteer will give you a number in the order in which you arrived. Patchwork Pantry distributes food from 7-8pm so you don't need to worry about being there super early! 

Around 7pm volunteers will start calling numbers. When you hear your number, you will present a form of identification (drivers license, passport, piece of mail, etc). You will then have a seat in the fellowship hall and wait until your name is called.  

When your name is called, you will sit down at a table with a volunteer. This volunteer will ask you questions about your family and your income level. At Patchwork Pantry we pack a standard bag of food for all families with common grocery items. You will receive this standard bag. If you qualify for TEFAP based on your income, we will ask you about TEFAP food. We will read off a list of food items and you can decide what food you prefer. After the volunteers ask all the necessary questions, you'll go have a seat and wait while your food is gathered. 

Once your food is ready, a volunteer will call your name and you will meet your food and a volunteer pushing a grocery cart. At this time you can select fresh produce and any other items that are out on the tables. You'll accompany the volunteer pushing your grocery cart so you can show them where your car is. 

You can visit Patchwork Pantry 1 time each month. 

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Patchwork Pantry provides a three-day supply of staple food to those in need in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Families can visit Patchwork Pantry one time each month.   

COVID 19: Patchwork Pantry will be open on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm during this time for as long as we are able. We will suspend operations if we cannot operate in a way that keeps our volunteers and clients safe. Families can visit the pantry 2 times per month during this time. 


To keep everyone safe, the process for Patchwork Pantry has changed. If you need assistance, drive to Community Mennonite Church, park, and STAY IN YOUR CAR. If you do not have a car, please do not stand within 6 feet of others. You will not be going into the church. A volunteer will come to your car (or you), ask you some basic questions, and when the food is ready a volunteer will bring a grocery cart to your car. During this time, we will distribute food from 6:30pm-7:30pm. This is a change from our regular distribution time. Patchwork Pantry will be distributing pre-made bags so there will not be a choice of food items during this time.