Tell your story...

Patchwork Pantry has touched the lives of hundreds within the local community. If you have served or been served and have a story to tell, we want to hear it!


by Kristin Knapp

It’s not that I have extra time on my hands or that I’m looking for a way to fill my weekly schedule. Believe me, that is not the case at all. Like so many others, I have a demanding job and a family to keep up with. My parents are aging and my house needs cleaning. There have been many Wednesday nights when I’ve felt drained coming home from work and getting out the door in time to help at Patchwork Pantry has been a challenge. But the funny thing is, no matter how tired I am or how stressful my week has been, I am always glad I came.


by Sheri Hartzler

I have spent most Wednesday nights of the past 20 years at Patchwork Pantry. I continue to do this work because I am constantly reminded to be ever grateful for the things in my life that I too often take for granted. While I gain much from this reminder, I know that most Wednesday evenings I think of myself as the "giver." I was reminded one evening that I can learn and receive from the Pantry clients, as well as give to them.